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Truly Sustainable

Conservation, community, renewable

Sensoria is a Costa Rican family owned business. We have worked and developed our project in order to offer a true sustainable tourism operation. We focus Sensoria’s efforts towards sustainability on various levels.

We protect and preserve over 150 hectares of pristine rainforest, and use only 1% of our property for our tours. We sponsor a research program to study and monitor the amazing wildlife that roams Sensoria and the neighboring Guanacaste Conservation Area.


As a primary economic operation in a rural area, we take pride in providing opportunities for the local community, and work towards providing world class hospitality. As part of our commitment to safety and research, we collaborate with the scientific community to provide real time data of the Volcano and its activity.

Renewable energy
We are an “off the grid” operation. We rely 100% on solar and hydroelectric energy to power our main house and services.

The experience
We create “once in a lifetime” experiences for our visitors. We focus on offering knowledgeable tours through our pristine rainforest. Our visitors experience a true sensorial journey: The highlight of their vacations in Costa Rica.

For more information and bookings, please contact us at reservations@sensoria.cr or call us at +506 2288-6229.


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