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A true tropical rainforest experience

Sensoria preserves Middle-elevation Tropical Rainforest which is located along the Guanacaste Conservation Area, specifically next to the Rincón de la Vieja National Park. This means that it is within the mid point between the Dry Tropical Rainforest of Guanacaste’s Gold Coast, and the Humid and Cloud Tropical Rainforests of Guanacaste’s Volcanic Range. This results in an impressive concentration of biodiversity, featuring a vibrant ecosystem of animals and plants, that represent up to 3% of the worlds biodiversity.

The tropical and highly humid environment found in our rainforest results in a very fertile development of ground surface. We receive constant precipitation throughout the year, as we enjoy rain during 10 months out of 12 yearly. This climate results in major transformation within the forest floor, as decaying leaves, fallen trees and organic material cycle throughout the constantly green season.

The fertile ground is inhabited by a magnificent network of trees, which grow together in balance along the forest floor. These trees are mostly thin and tall, as their weight must be in balance with the shallow fertile layer that lays above the deeper volcanic ground. Some of these trees have evolved to be able to produce energy not only through the chlorophyll in their leaves, but also through chlorophyll in their barks and roots, optimizing their energy absorption for the low light environment in which they have evolved.

The plants that grow closer to the ground, have evolved according to the light and weather conditions. Large, prominent and dark green leaves packed with chlorophyll are very common in plants along the forest floor. These leaves are mostly shaped with a peculiar point which allows excess water to drip into the floor.

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