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Lunch and Coffee at our main house

Lunch and Coffee at our main house


Sensoria, Land of Senses and Magical Rainforest, has usually been described by its stunning volcanic blue waterfalls, lush and vibrant private tropical rainforest reserve, exuberant biodiversity and knowledgeable tour guides.

But there is even more to our tour which makes your visit to Sensoria a lifetime experience. Upon your initial arrival, you are greeted by our staff in our main house with a delicious natural black berry (or seasonal fruit) drink. You are also able to use the restrooms, change into your hiking clothes and leave your belongings in our lockers.

An off into the wild… this part you might have read about or seen on our social media: (https://www.instagram.com/___sensoria___/?hl=en) & (https://www.facebook.com/sensorialandofsenses/)

But there is a final part to our visitors’ journey that seems to perfectly wrap up the entire experience, and it is coming back to our Main House for a cool shower, delicious lunch and fresh ground coffee.


We offer diverse meal options for all dietary needs: Omnivorous Chicken Wrap, Vegan/Veggie Hummus Wrap, and our Gluten Free vegetable pasta; all accompanied by natural fruit juice and natural spring water, and sourced locally from nearby farms and suppliers. After lunch, be sure to ask for our traditional drip brewed coffee along with our home made ‘cajetas’ (chocolate or milk caramel sweets).

Ask your guide for a final gaze at the rainforest at our observatory platform! Here you can observe the greatness of the Rincón de la Vieja National Park and if the weather is favorable, you might see the crater of the volcano.



For more information on out tours and operation, please contact reservations@sensoria.cr or call us at +506 2288-6229.


We hope to welcome you soon in Sensoria, Land of Senses and Magical Rainforest.

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