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Sensoria Land of Senses & Magical Rainforest hosted an important gathering involving the scientific community and the neighbors of Buenos Aires de Upala, in order to discuss the actual situation of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano, one of Costa Rica’s three active volcanos.

The activity counted on the participation of Dr. Guillermo Alvarado (CNE-ICE-ANC), Lic. Henrriette Bakkar (OSIVAM-ICE-RSN) and Dra. María Martínez Cruz (OVSICORI-UNA); along with various community leaders, tourism entrepreneurs, staff and neighbors of this area.

The main objective was to bring together and inform the community on the behavior and history of this marvelous volcano, reviewing possible affectations as well as opportunities and safety measures regarding the day to day activities around the territory.

We spoke to some of the assistants, watch them here:

The discussion/workshop developed for over 3 hours, covering topics such as: History of the volcano, research and measurement methods within the volcano, and research results of the activity over the last two decades. At the end of the afternoon, Dr. Martínez made an interesting demonstration on how to measure acidity in water using household items and ingredients.

Sensoria is considered one of the top-ten one-day tour destinations in Guanacaste. Our personalized tours and sustainability efforts make us one of the most ecological tours in Costa Rica. As a tour-operator that develops near an active volcano, we consider safety our number one priority not only for our visitors, but also for our staff and neighbors.

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